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Ever since I visited historic Williamsburg, Virginia as an 8 year old and beheld Christopher Wren’s stately Colonial buildings, I knew I would be an architect.  A life of drawing, creative problem solving, and the knowledge that I could affect change in the world one building at a time seemed to be the perfect profession.


My studies took me to the top-ranked University of Texas at Austin to earn both a Bachelor of Interior Architecture and a Master of Architecture.  Fascinated by the knowledge of our ancestors, I focused on common-sense approaches to sustainable design, from building orientation to passive heating/cooling techniques. Likewise, I spent many hours learning structural design principles and practices so I could not only design a building, but truly understand how it goes together in a cost-effective manner.


After ten years of honing my experience under residential designers and a structural engineer, I started Aligned Design with the belief that I could be of service with my own unique brand of intelligent, engaging design.  In the past year, I've had the joy of becoming a Sustainable Homes Professional and ADU Specialist through Earth Advantage here in Portland.  My goal is to combine the beauty of architecture with the benefits of both sustainable and structural design. I hope we can connect to discuss your own dreams, both in life and in design.

In my free time, I pursue my other loves: nature and animals.  You'll find me hiking, studying sustainable design, and volunteering at Zeb's Wish Equine Sanctuary in Sandy.