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Let's chat.

Our first meeting is an in-depth “getting to know you.”  From my point of view, this is the most important meeting because we get a real sense of each other's personality.  Let’s talk about your hopes and dreams for your home, as well as the challenges you foresee.   From there, we can discuss how to overcome (or avoid all-together) those challenges while steering towards the best possible version of your home that is within your budget.  We’ll toss around ideas, pull out the measuring tape, gesticulate, sketch, and maybe play charades.  After two hours, you'll have two or three design concepts with which to move forward.


After our initial meeting, I will produce three or more sketches of options. These may be both 2D and 3D sketches, depending on how you best understand architectural drawings. We’ll meet to discuss these options and hone the sketches down into a single concept.  From there, I will produce a single concept drawing for your approval.  We will keep communicating until you feel we’ve nailed an overall design.  Once we’ve decided on one, we’ll get the input of a few builders to ensure the design is within your original budget.

Let's imagine.


"As-builts" are drawings that document the existing conditions so that a new drawing set can be accurately created. These are needed for remodels & additions.  I use a laser measure and a laptop with CAD so I can be sure to be as accurate as possible on the first go-round.  

Let's take stock.


Let's refine.

Once we’ve nailed down the main framework of the design, I will get to work hashing out the details.  I will also be working on the structural design during this phase, either myself or with the aid of a structural engineer.  At the end of this phase, we’ll check back in with the builder to ensure we are on track.


Before I do the final calculations and documentation, we’ll meet to sign-off on where the project stands. Once we all agree the design is ready for the final touches, I will produce the nitty-gritty “permit set” that will be submitted to the local building department.  Many people use this set as a formal “bid set” so they can receive a line-item bid from their contractors before submitting for permits. I am available for taking the plans through permitting as an additional service.

Let's get technical.


Just because I hand over a permit set doesn’t mean you are off the hook.  I will be checking in to see how construction is going. Changes always happen in the field and I will be right there with you when something comes up.  Plus, I like dirt and mud, so, it’s really just play time for me….

Let's get physical.